So.Cap. New England hair extensions, machines and accessories Socap hair extensions add style!
SoCap hair extensions add volume

Years of Experience have made So. Cap. New England

the leader in manufacturing professional hairdressing
products including hair extensions, machines and accessories.

Through widespread distribution in the international market,
the brand is well known around the world. For more than forty
years, So. Cap. New England has been producing and
distributing natural and synthetic hair products. Constantly
updated, these hairdressing products always conform to the
trends of the moment. Hair extension classes are forming now!
Socap New England hair extensions for more color
So.Cap hair extensions let you change with the trends
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Socap New England, Chelmsford MA Socap New England hair extensions in Chelmsford, Mass

SO.CAP.New England Hair Extensions offers innovative and ground-breaking technology along with outstanding quality hair but it doesn't end there. They also offer salon owners and certified stylists a strong and supportive manufacturer-client relationship. SO.CAP.USA® Hair Extension provides their extensionists with much more than a product, they provide quality training, hair extension classes, customer service and a relationship that assists them in achieving everything they want both artistically and financially.

SO.CAP.USA® Hair Extensions offers 100 percent human hair in 81 different colors and three textures; straight, wavy and curly. Simply put, it's the best available on the market today.

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Socap New England specializes in wholesale hair extentions, accessories, application machines and instruction classes in MA. Socap New England or So.Cap. as we're sometimes known, has been using hair extensions and human hair extensions for many years in Mass. We cater to hair extension salons interested in fusion hair extensions, wigs, human hair wigs, hairpieces, hairdressing supply wholesale, wholesale hair extensions, hair extension tools, hair extension teaching and instruction classes, hairdressing equipment, natural hair products, synthetic hair, and hair extension machines. We are a distributor for Socap products and provide extension hair training in Massachusetts. Affiliated with shampoo day spa in Chelmsford. Thanks for visiting